Top 5 Christmas Movies

One of the original adaptations of "A Christmas Carol"
This movie ranks highest on our list, because it is one of the oldest adaptations of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol". Alastair Sim is glorious as the mean Mr. Scrooge!
An unusual but classic reinterpretation of "A Christmas Carol"
Of course, when old adaptations rank high, modern interpretations must not be left out. And we guess no one adapted mean Mr. Scrooge more polarizing than Bill Murray. This version is a popculture classic from the 80s.
Great story. Great animation. Already timeless classic!
Klaus is one of Netflix own produced gems and really stands out as a modern family-friendly christmas movie with an ambitious animation style.
Pure 80s Nostalgia
One of the very first movies I saw myself in cinemas back then. A great entertainment for children and still very thrilling and adventurous.
A very murray christmas, indeed.
Closing the list with another Bill Murray Special. Not a christmas movie in its traditional sense, but one that sets the mood and leaves the viewer a heartwarming joy.
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