Like them, track them :)

Not just a web maker.
His moves. That's killing dance!
How to be a human protector, when you fight with the monsters. And what is a bigger monster then a man.
He have something inside. It's not start with V. It's just jew named Alfie.
I don't know the guy. He play to good to recognise him.
Bloody Robert
Vampire, wizard, it was poory beginning. King, prist, soon become the Bat 🦇 That's real bloody Robert.
Get Now
This is the man who could show you, the black is new white. But just better.
New Fear 😱
When I saw him as Bing, and then in Get Out, I say "Now I know new way of fear looks like"
Well. That man was in someone's ass... And this is just beginning. How to slash people with smile and style? He know how.
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