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If you access and use skriber.tv, you accept our following terms of service.
  1. Modification of our terms

    We may change these terms of service at any time.
  2. Usage of our service

    By using our site and services, you accept to follow these terms and community guidelines.
  3. Registration and correctness of your data

    This site and included services may be used without signing up. For some of the features, registration is necessary. In case you sign up, you are to provide correct and complete information as asked and you must not fake any other person's identity.
  4. Third Party Sites

    We use applications and services of third party sites. These include Facebook and Google sign in mechanisms, Google Analytics tools, and email services provided by Mailgun. Furthermore, we provide links to third party websites, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, IMDb, and TMDB. We are not responsible nor liable for these services, their functions, accurary, legality, or any other aspects under their control.
  5. Termination

    We may suspend or terminate your account in case you do not follow our terms.
  6. Responsibility of your activities

    We want to remind you, that you are fully responsible for any of your actions while using our site and services.
  7. Community Well-being

    This is a service provided by movie fans for movie fans. The well-being of our community is one of our most important priorities. We want you to feel safe and welcome. And we want you to make everyone else feel safe and welcome as well. Please don't hurt anyone. Please don't blame one another. Please don't be mean to other users. Please think about the consequences of any of your actions and respect our wishes and terms, as we provide this platform for you and uphold the right to delete your access in case of any breach.
  8. No Illegal Use

    We do not accept illegal use of any kind of our services. This includes but is not limited to copyright and trade mark infringements, violations of intellectual properties of any kind, or any other unlawful behavior. In case of misbehaviour we will work with law enforcement transparently and uphold our right to pursue legal actions as we see necessary.
  9. Removal of Content

    We reserve the right to remove user generated content as we see fit in order to keep this platform legal and safe, and to upkeep our standards for community wellbeing. We are fans of movies and tv shows and want to provide a community for other fans like us. Please don't use offensive words, hate speech, unlawful or explicit graphical content, as we want this platform to be safe for anybody, no matter religion, sexuality, policital views, or movie preferences.
  10. Technical Support & Liability

    Our goal is to provide the best user experience for anyone accessing our service. In case you find bugs, technical malfunctions or other arising issues with the service, please contact us and help us to get better. We will try to address your issue as fast as we can. Nonetheless, we will not be held liable for any data loss resulting from a technical malfunction or partial or total breakdown of our service.
  11. Governing Law and Jurisdiction

    You accept the laws of Germany as the governing and applying law of this service and terms. By using our service, you agree submitting to Germany's jurisdiction for any dispute.
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