About skriber

skriber is a service to discover movies and tv shows of your favorite actors and filmmakers.
Stop browsing IMDb to keep track of actors or directors you like. skriber tracks over 1.8 million people in the movie and tv show business so you don't have to.
Learn about the cast and crew of movies and shows you like.
Subscribe to cast and crew members and organize your subscriptions in lists.
Discover movies and tv shows your listed filmmakers worked together on.
And let skriber notify you, as soon as they announce upcoming releases.

Who's the team behind skriber?

Hi, my name is Michael. Nice to meet you :-) And thank you for visiting skriber!
Since I can remember, I loved to watch movies and binge tv shows. And while there are plenty of websites and communities that try to help me discover releases I might like, I repeatingly browse IDMb only to look up actors or other filmmakers I once discovered and like but yet forgot about. So I developed skriber first and foremost as a service for myself, that keeps track of all those people for me and to notify me, when new releases are announced.
I am working on skriber in the evenings, beside my main job and beside my own family. So please cut me some slack if you don't like the design, find bugs or something else malfunctioning. However, I would be very happy if skriber was helpful for you, too. And if you have an idea or feature request, that could help improve skriber, don't hesitate and get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

I am sure you have lots of questions about skriber. As I have not found time to write any documentation at all, let me at least give answers to some obvious questions you might have.

Why is it called skriber?

The name is derived from the verb to subscribe. With the primary idea behind this site to subscribe to your favorite actors and filmmakers and receive notifications about upcoming releases, I define a skribe to be the subscription itself. And skribelists all those lists you can create to organize all your different subscriptions.

Is skriber a hobby project? Is it still in beta?

This website is indeed a hobby project of mine. I developed it for myself, because I needed a service, that was not available anywhere else. And now I am opening it up for other people as well. The site is in beta stadium - I use it everyday, but I also develop on it as you read this. You will happen to find bugs, and there will be times, when something is not working well, or everything will be broken and offline. So if you do find something is wrong, please get in touch with me!

Do I need to sign up to use the site?

No, skriber can be browsed freely without any registered account. But we do have some features that need you to be registered, e.g. if you want to create watchlists yourself or track your watched movies.

Can I use skriber for free?

Yes, skriber is currently completely free to use.

Where does skriber get its data from?

All our movie and tv show data stems from TMDb. I don't have the manpower to gather all this data and maintain it myself, so I synchronize skriber's database with TMDB daily.

Why is my favorite movie / tv show missing?

skriber is built on top of TMDB's database. If your favorite movie or tv show is missing, it might be because TMDB is not aware of it, yet. If, however, TMDB lists it and skriber does not, then congratulations: you might have found a bug :-) Please get in touch with me, so we can figure this out together.

I found a movie / tv show with wrong data. Can you fix this?

Because we use TMDb's data by synchronizing our database with TMDb regularly, we have no direct access to alter TMDb's content. If you find a movie or tv show with false information, please head over to TMDb and change the error at its source.

I have a great idea for the site, how do I get in touch?

You can always write me an email or find me on social media. Have a look at our contact page, to see all available options.

How do I delete my account?

If you signed up, you can delete your account at any time by visiting your account settings.
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