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You find yourself searching IMDb repeatedly to learn about all the movies of your favorite actor? You don't want to miss upcoming releases? skriber is a service that let's you follow your favorite cast & crew members. We notify you daily, when upcoming movies or tv shows are announced.
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We track actors, directors, writers, and many more so you don't have to!

In total, we track

We keep track of over 1.8 million people in over 916 different jobs in the movie and tv show business from all over the world. Follow your favorite actors, directors, writers, editors, animators, art directors, set dressers, composers, costume designers, stunt coordinators, and many more.

Discover movies & shows your favorite actors worked together on

If you follow an actor, director or other person, we call this "to skribe". Create lists to collect and organize your skribes into different topics. Each skribelist let's you see all releases - both past and upcoming - of all people on that list. It's never been easier to find out about all movies, your favorite cast & crew members worked together on!

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Our Features

Follow filmmakers: never miss new releases
We show you a personalized feed of upcoming movies and notify you when new releases are announced.
Create watchlists
Create infinite watchlists. Track movies you want to watch or display your favorite Star Trek episode order.
Rate movies & tv shows
Rate movies and tv shows on a scale from 1 to 10 and see the rating of all the other users.
Discover cooperations between filmmakers
If an actor has worked twice or more often with other colleagues, we tell you on his or her profile page. Find out, with whom your favorites are cooperating most often.
Track movies and tv shows you watched
Keep a diary of movies and tv show episodes you watched. Others can see your activity on your profile.
Review movies, tv shows & filmmakers
Write and read reviews for movies, tv shows, and - exclusively with us - actors and filmmakers.
Follow other users
You like the movie taste of another user? Follow him and receive notifications, when he creates new lists or adds content.
Create your own profile
Create your personalized profile: upload a custom avatar and backdrop image, tell others your favorite movies, tv shows and filmmakers, show off your movie activities, watchlists and much more.
Import your Letterboxd data
You already have a ton of reviews and ratings on Letterboxd? No problem! You can easily import all your Letterboxd data, so nothing gets lost.
RSS feed of your lists
All your lists are accessible by RSS. Export movies you want to watch and use external services that can load your RSS feed.
Ever increasing movie & tv show discovery
Discover movies and tv shows by production company, tv network, genre, release date and many more.


With skriber you can create lists with all your favorite actors, directors, editors, writers, and many more. Each list gives you the option to be notified as soon as we find new or upcoming releases of anyone on that list. People on such lists are called skribes. Correspondingly, lists of skribes are called skribelists. Here are some of the latest skribelists, users created publicly.


You may not only track people. Movies and tv shows can be added to watchlists. You can create as many watchlists as you want. It doesn't matter how you organize your watchlists. You may create watchlists for movies you still want to see. Our share your favorite episode order of a tv show publicly. Look at the following latest watchlist shared publicly.
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